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You said, We did!

We are constantly striving to make the Family Services Directory work better for you! If you have a suggestion on how we can improve this service then please e-mail


You said: Some of the text can be hard to read if I'm looking at it on my mobile. August 2017

We did: We have increased the standard font size and changed the font itself to be a more legible font based upon 'Accessible communication formats' guidance from

You said: I want to be able to see what I am doing more clearly May 2017

We did: We have changed the format of the menus, sections and advice pages to show more clearly which area you are searching in.

You said: All of the pages look a bit different – it looks a bit messy! January 2018

We did: We have standardised the format of creating and updating all of our pages so everything is consistent across the board.


You said: How to do I create a page? July 2017 What is a record? June 2018 How do I advertise with you? December 2017

We did: Some of the most common questions we receive are around how to use our system and how to advertise. We have created a Support and Guides page that currently holds a user-friendly guide with both task steps and screenshots.

You said: I've found the page I was looking for but not where I expected it to be! February 2018

We did: Sometimes the information you are looking for can be found in a number of different places. We have updated the website so that we have one central place for some of the most common areas, and have added multiple options to link to this area with summaries. This means you can find the information wherever you want to, but do not waste time trying to find the information on the wrong pages.

You said: I want to tell parents that I work during the holidays but I don't know where to put it. November 2017

We did: We have updated the amount of information areas you can fill in, and have made sure you have to fill them in to continue.

You said: How do I find out where the doctors is? Frequently asked

We did: Not only do we have links to all the local NHS services including GPs, health visiting, dentists and opticians, but we also have an easy access NHS Choices search bar that allows you to search these from the Health section main menu

You said: I've found something similar to what I wanted but it's not quite right August 2018

We did: We have set up all pages that receive the most similar results to what you have searched to appear in the search box above what you have looked for. This provides you with an easy shortcut to an information you might be searching for even if the initial result is not what you are after.

You said: My child cannot use his screen reader with some of the links on the page. March 2018

We did: We have set the format of the page to allow for screen readers to easily read our links – this means including them as part of the sentence and not using the 'please follow this link' style.

You said: I need audio description of the content and I have to use an external program for this. January 2017

We did: We have implemented Speak it! software onto the Family Services Directory that can be used on every page. This reads out all of the content and specifically selects links too.


You said: 'How do I use the FSD?' 'What is the best way for people to find my page?' 'How do I put down how much my services cost?' Frequently asked

We did: Questions about the basic nature of the Family Services Directory are some of the most common queries that we receive. We offer both personalised emails and automated instruction emails with links for all of the most expected queries to do with using the Family Services Directory.

You said: I didn't realise that there had been more money put into Special Educational Needs by the government and that I could have a say! May 2017

We did: We have created an updates carousel for all of the most important government initiatives and schemes that will affect you at the top of the Family Services Directory home page, complete with graphics and larger font.

You said: I couldn’t find what I was looking for because it was under a different name Frequently asked

We did: We have updated and widened our keyword options for each section, and we regularly go back and look for any searches that commonly do not receive results when they are searched for, and then update them.

You said: I'm a social worker with the council and I'm looking for some information about how to support one of the children I'm working with in doing more socialising. October 2017

We did: Along with guides and information for children and families, we have also provided some professional guides for areas such as Special Educational Needs and Health.

You said: I don't like using emails to discuss the problems I'm having. Can I talk to someone? August 2018

We did: We provide a personal touch with named contacts and staff specific phone numbers for repeat queries. There is always someone on the end of the phone if you call.

You said: I'm really pleased I got an Outstanding for my first inspection! June 2018

We did: We will send you out a personalised certificate for every 'Good' and 'Outstanding' inspection that you receive, just a little something to help commemorate your achievement!

You said: I don't know where to find information for my child who has Special Educational Needs and wants to go to college May 2017

We did: We have improved our information in relation to transitioning through important stages in children's lives, and have a new section called 'Transitions'. In October 2018, we are also running some Transitions consultations for children with Special Educational Needs in Lincolnshire schools to find out what information they want to find out about.

You said: I have dyslexia and I would like to know if there is an easy-read version of the Family Services Directory. March 2017

We did: We now have a large accessibility section, that allows you to change font size, colour and contrast, as well as links to using accessibility equipment and implementing settings that will make life easier for you.


You said: Not useful at all - keep trying to find out what films are showing for senior citizens August 2018

We did: We have now amended the link on our page to direct the user straight to the Senior Screen page on the Louth Playhouse Cinema website. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for any content on their site, but we hope you will be able to find the information you are after more quickly in future.

You said: How do I find out what's going on at the library? July 2018

We did: We have been in direct contact with the heads of the Library services in Lincolnshire and they now have dedicated staff keeping their services up to date on the Family Services Directory

You said: I want to know if there are any charities that will help my daughter who has mobility issues get out and about September 2017

We did: We have created pages that not only provide Lincolnshire standardised advice and support, but have also created links to charities dealing with issues as wide-ranging as bullying and emotional abuse, to financial abuse and loan sharks. We will continue to update these as we are made aware of them.

You said: How do I pick the best childminder for me? July 2018

We did: The Family Services Directory provides information on all childcarers within Lincolnshire, but it also gives you advice such as expected costs and what to look for when you are looking for childcarers.

You said: I struggle with incontinence and I want to get out and about more. Is there any support for me? February 2018

We did: We now have pages for accessible toilets in many local areas and are continuing to update these as we receive more information. The advice includes what to be aware of as well as location if you have mobility issues.

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