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Baby Signing Witham St Hughs

Did you know that sign language has been proven to be an effective form of communication for babies? If you consider the frustrations felt by babies then you'll understand the benefits signing can provide for both the parent and child.  Many children naturally use gestures and pointing but signing allows them to be specific about their needs. It takes the guesswork out and dramatically reduces frustration resulting in less stress for everybody concerned! 

They can begin learning right from birth but won't have the dexterity to begin to sign until around four to six months. First signs are usually things that are most important to them such as 'milk'. This can then develop onto more complex signing as they grow such as signing 'teeth', 'hurt' and 'medicine' for when they have teething pain. The key to success is to reinforce the signs whenever possible and ensure the sign is used alongside the spoken word. The signs are not used on their own because the point of signing with babies is not to replace the spoken language but to enhance it. Many question the potential impact signing could have on the development of speech. You may be surprised to learn that signing not only encourages early speech but also results in a wider vocabulary.

Some wonder if the classes will be taught in the style of a typical lesson as essentially, they are gaining an education and skill. Sessions have been designed to be delivered in the most age appropriate way so songs, puppets, musical instruments and bubbles are used to enrich the learning process and create an atmosphere of fun. Children of all ages love doing actions along to songs but Baby Signing takes it a step further and teaches them something that will be of great use to them now and in the future.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Kirsty Summers
Contact Position
Class Leader
01522 398380
Baby Signing Lincoln

Learn how to sign with your little one and open up the lines of communication. Fun, interactive classes using parachutes, puppets, bubbles and musical instruments. Sign along to your favourite nursery rhymes and learn the most important signs for you and your child.

Courses run in blocks of 8 weeks.


Where to go

Village Hall
0, Caraway Drive
Witham St Hughs
North Kesteven

Time / Date Details

Time of day
Session Information
Courses run in blocks of 8 weeks
Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Wednesday 11:15 12:15

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£40 Per term
£8 Second Child
£6 Per hour 0-2 yrs
£1 Second Child


Referral Details

No referral necessary

Other notes

We also offer nursery visits, home visits and workshops.

Specific age range

Inclusion Information

Premise Accessibility

Has Provision

Wheelchair Access

Has Provision

Special Needs

Has Provision
Experience with
Inclusive Practice
Language impairment
Speech And Language Difficulties
Communication difficulties
Makaton Communication
Local Offer

Local Offer


Quote FSD to get a 25% discount on your first term.


Makaton and Sensory equipment is used, the venue has wheelchair access.

Our service is suitable for those with hearing impairment, Autism, Downs Syndrome and other learning / developmental difficulty.

The Family Information Service maintains the list of Ofsted-registered childcare in the county, although any information provided by us does not constitute a recommendation and you should satisfy yourself of the quality and standard of any service or childcare provider you contact so that it meets the needs of your family.

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