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Family Graffiti - Helping Parents help Their Children

At Family Graffiti we believe the best way to help a child who is struggling for whatever reason is to work directly with their parent or carer. They're the people that not only want the best for that child but also spend far more time with them. With the right knowledge & understanding these people can have a massive positive impact on how their child learns, develops & behaves. 

We've set up various ways to reach these families. They are as follows...


Interactive Parent / Carer Workshops 

These will be topic specific & cover issues such as:-

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Transition into Adulthood
  • Autism
  • OCD 
  • Challenging Behaviour etc etc 

These workshops will be set up & managed by Family Graffiti and predominantly run across Lincolnshire. However, if you'd like us to come and do a group talk on a specific topic then please get in touch as we'd be more than happy to work with you to arrange this too. Email Naomi or Morris on now for further information. 


We have our fantastic website for you to access for FREE. This is your 'Personalised Parenting Handbook'. You choose what you want to improve and we help you focus on resolving it.

Through our extensive range of online eWorkshops and an on-demand searchable library of parenting guides, we will teach you the psychology behind your child’s behaviours and empower you with the parenting know-how to make a real difference to your child behaviours right from day 1.

The information on here covers a vast range of issues. All of which collated by a very well established child psychologist who is a dad himself. Have peace of mind when using our website that what you're reading has been put together with the best possible intentions in mind. Its extremely informative but also written in a way that anyone can relate to.

If you find yourself in a situation that isn't currently covered on the website then please get in touch and we will be more than happy to support you through it. 

Check it out now

We believe knowledge is power, you’ll get real results once you understand what causes your child’s behaviours in the first place. Our parenting guides are solution focused and include ‘top tips’, ‘how to’ and ‘step by step’ guides to improve every area of your family life.


We will regularly have a stall at events, Signposting & Information Days across Lincolnshire

Come and meet us in person. Pick our brains as to how we can best help you resolve any issues you're currently having with your child. You'll be surprised how often there's a simple solution to a complex situation.

In addition to this we will also run our own events for parents & carers to attend & gather helpful information, resources & services available to them. There will also be the opportunity to attend other guest speakers workshops & discuss issues with parents in similar situations to yourselves. 


1:1 Support

We can arrange a more personalised approach to support if you feel this is something that'd be more beneficial to you. Contact Morris to discuss the options available to you. 



As we are YOUR service provider, please let us know if there are any other ways you'd like to receive support. Email us now on with your thoughts & feedback. We'd love to hear from you. 


Who to contact

Contact Name
Contact Position

Where to go

Family Graffiti
No set venue
Mobile Workshops & Events
Grantham & Heckington
NG34 9RU

We are based in Grantham & Heckington however the venue we work from changes all the time depending on what it is we're doing on that day. No 2 days are the same for us and we travel about to be able to reach more people.

Time / Date Details

Time of day
Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday 8:00 20:00
Tuesday 8:00 20:00
Wednesday 8:00 20:00
Thursday 8:00 20:00
Friday 8:00 20:00
Saturday 8:00 20:00
Sunday 8:00 20:00

Other Details


Referral required
Not Required
Referral Details

You don't require any referral to be able to access or use any of our services

Specific age range
No limits

Inclusion Information

Premise Accessibility

Has Provision
Our venues change but we do always aim to have easy access so nobody is excluded or struggles in any way.

Wheelchair Access

Has Provision
Our venues change but we do always aim to have easy access so nobody is excluded or struggles in any way.

Special Needs

Has Provision
Experience with
Social development impairment
Special Diet
Specialist Disability Provision
Speech & physical delay
Selective Mutism
Sensory impairment
Serious allergy
Sight impairment
Tourette Syndrome
Tuberous Sclerosis
Tunnel Syndrome
Speech And Language Difficulties
Speech impairment
Spina Bifida
Stoma Care
West Syndrome
Wheelchair user
Williams Syndrome
Acquired Brain Injury
Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome
Universal Disability Provision
Universal Disability Provision + Specialist Elements
Unknown specific need
Visual Impairment
Angelman Syndrome
All specific needs
Autism Spectrum
Auto-Immune Deficiency
Balance Condition
Bowel problems
Asperger's Syndrome
Attachment disorder
Challenging Behaviour
Childhood Stroke
Cleft pallette
Club Foot
Brittle Bones
Bullious lchipusus skin condition
Celiac Disease
Cerebral Palsy
Cri-du-Chat syndrome
Cromozonal Abnormality
Cystic Fibrosis
Dancing Eye Syndrome
Communication difficulties
Continence difficulties
Cornelia de Lang Syndrome
Di-George Syndrome
Dismorphic features
Downs Syndrome
Delayed Development Inc Premature Birth
Dietary difficulties
Ehler's Syndrome
Emotional needs
Eating Disorder
Food allergy
Food intolerance
Fragile X Syndrome
Gastro-oesophagus reflux
Febrile Convulsions
Feeding difficulties
Foetal Valporate Syndrome
Haemiplegia (child stroke)
Hearing Impairment
Heart Problems
Home Oxygen
Genetic disorder/s
Global Development Delay
Glycagen Storage Disease
Gross Motor development delay
Inclusive Practice
Juvenile Arthiritis
Klinefetters Syndrome
Language impairment
Hyper Mobility
Inclusive Childminder
Metabolic Disorder/Enzyme Defficiency
Miscellaneous special needs
Mobility difficulties
Motor impairment
Learning difficulties
Low muscle tone
Makaton Communication
Mental Health Issues
Neurofibramatosis Type 1
Neurological Disorder
Ng Tube Feeding
No Disability Provision
Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sensory Impairment
Muscular Dystrophy
Nasal Tube Feeding
Other Behavioural Disorders
Other Skin Conditions
PDA Syndrome
Noonan's Syndrome
Oral Dyspraxia
Pulmonary Stenosis
Renal failure
Retts Syndrome
Perthe's disease
Physical impairment
Prader Willi Syndrome
We can support any child, whether they have a diagnosed /undiagnosed condition or not.
Local Offer

Local Offer

This service is listed for your information. Its inclusion on the Family Services Directory does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by Lincolnshire County Council. For more information, go to Terms & Conditions

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