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Care, Education and Treatment Reviews

Care, Education and Treatment Reviews (CETRs) are part of NHS England’s commitment to 'Transforming Care' for people with learning disabilities, autism or both. CETRs are for people whose behaviour is seen as challenging and/or for people with a mental health condition. They are used by commissioners for people living in the community and in learning disability and mental health hospitals to review the care and support being provided and look at what else is required to strengthen community support so that:

  • Fewer people need to go into hospital
  • People don’t stay in hospital longer than they need to
  • They have access to good quality care and support both in hospital and in the community.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Complex Case Team, South West Lincolnshire CCG
01522 573933

Other Details


Age Ranges
0-5 (toddlers)
6-12 (pre-teens)
13+ (young people)
Referral required
Self Referral
Professional Referral
Referral Details

Referral by a health, education or social care professional, or family member/self-referral.

Specific age range
Children and young people with a confirmed diagnosis of learning disability and/or autism who are in or at risk of being admitted to a specialist mental health or learning disability hospital.
Local Offer

Local Offer

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