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Anthem Schools Trust

Anthem Schools Trust is a UK charity that exists to make a difference to the lives of learners throughout the world. Working with governments, schools and other partners, we strive to provide excellent education for all.

Anthem Schools Trust works in six key ways to provide outstanding, sustainable education solutions. In partnership with schools and governments as well as public and private partners, we transform the lives of learners for millions of children and young people worldwide.

Alongside delivering education services and consultancy on a global scale, Anthem Schools Trust also manages a portfolio of free schools and academies in England and owns an international family of independent schools. Any surpluses generated from our work are invested into our publicly available programme of educational research. Our research ensures our practice is evidence-based and supports our commitment to excellence in education.

In April 2013 we added Children’s Centres to our portfolio, having been commissioned by Lincolnshire County Council to provide Early Years activities in its 46 Children’s Centres.

Anthem Schools Trust deliver a high quality, early learning service in all 46 of Lincolnshire’s Children’s Centres.

Anthem Schools Trust works with key stakeholders to achieve outcomes in the following areas:

  • Child development
  • School readiness
  • Parental engagement
  • Engagement of  those families in greatest need

The aim of Anthem Schools Trust's work in Lincolnshire Children’s Centres it to facilitate child development and ensure school readiness through the delivery of high quality early years activities, underpinned by Early Years Foundation Stage principles.

The Early Years service is predominantly aimed at children aged 0-5 and their families and focuses on the prime and specific areas of learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage.   Activities are aimed at promoting each child’s development in order that they can become confident and curious learners and are able to take full advantage of the learning opportunities presented to them at school.   The service also ensures that parents and carers are respected as their child’s first and main educators. 

The service offers a level of flexibility in order to adapt to reflect local need and demand.  Examples include working with older children in school holiday periods, supporting families at weekends and working with targeted, vulnerable groups.

Early Years Activities are available to support individual locality needs and are available at a range of venues supporting individual Children's Centre communities.  These activities include:

*Growing Talk Programme   * Early Reading Sessions   * Sensory Play   * Yoga  * Early Rhyme Sessions   * Singing Activities   * Talking & Listening Groups  * Early Communication Skills activities   * Baby Massage * Large Scale Play  * Outdoor Play   * Action-based sessions    * Dance & Music Activities  * Messy Play Activities   * Stay & Play Activities   * Exploration Activities     * Family Cookery Sessions  * Safety-based Activities

Anthem Schools Trust’s Early Years activities are delivered across Lincolnshire in its 46 Children’s Centres and also in a number of outreach delivery locations.   Details of the activities provided are available in each Children’s Centre and are also advertised on the Lincolnshire County Council website

Who to contact

Contact Name
CfBT Education Trust
Landline: 01522 553312
Mobile: 07769724703

Where to go

Myle Cross Centre
Macaulay Drive
City of Lincoln

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Local Offer

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