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After Adoption

After Adoption provides a range of services for all parties in adoption to meet their life long needs as follows:

For adoptive families: An integrated adoption  support service that is  clearly outlined at the point of engagement with the prospective adoptive family and which, is available throughout the adoption life journey. This includes parenting programmes,  an opportunity to connect with other adoptive families via support groups or family days/events, ongoing training, services to help build support within the wider family network and with education and health professionals, support with contact arrangements, access to support via telephone helpline, and family work, including therapeutic interventions. We provide easy access to these services through Safebase parenting programme and our further Integrated Adoption Support Services, across many parts of England and Wales.

For adopted young people: A place to connect with other young adopted people, with the aim of reducing isolation, having fun, building confidence and self
worth. We support aspiration in young people by making most things possible
through creative partnerships. We facilitate expression of their ideas to ensure they have a voice to share their experiences. We provide this through our TALKadoption services.

For adult adopted people:A recognition that adopted people often need to know who they are and may wish to access birth records and go on to find out about or make contact with people connected with their past. We have a service called REUNITE that provides search and intermediary services, as well as counselling and support with reunion.

For Birth families losing a child to adoption:A service that works with birth parents/ relatives during the process of losing a child to adoption. We recognise that they need support in this process, and ongoing counselling to deal with the impact of adoption on their well-being. This may be delivered on a one to one basis or with an opportunity to join a group to reduce isolation and build social coping strategies. A service which recognises that to play a meaningful role in helping a child with their future identity, birth parents need support to maintain indirect or direct contact (when applicable).We provide a service called BIRTH TIES, that offers support during the process of adoption and beyond, with a dedicated helpline and face to face support.

Who to contact

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Gail Jackson
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Head of Adoption Services, Midlands & South West
0121 644 4900
After Adoption Website


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1st Floor, New Oxford House, 16
Waterloo Street
B2 5UG

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All ages

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