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Drawing and Talking Therapy Lincolnshire

Drawing and Talking Therapy

This gentle, safe, non-intrusive therapy is now available to the young people you care about. Drawing and Talking Therapy sessions are suitable for young people who may have experienced trauma and are finding it difficult to manage their own emotions or behaviour. 

What is Drawing and Talking Therapy?

It is:

 - a child-centred therapy focusing on prevention and early intervention for all young people

- an experiential rather than theory based programme

- designed for safe use with children and young people

- a 'Serial Drawing' technique

- a programme that supports those who are not realising their full potential socially or academically

- suitable for those who have suffered trauma

- suitable for those who have underlying emotional difficulties affecting their mental health and wellbeing

- confidential and supervised

- facilitated by a fully qualified and highly experienced education professional and Drawing and Talking Therapist 

Drawing and Talking Therapy is now available in all Lincolnshire educational and care settings and is delivered by an experienced specialist teacher and trained Drawing and Talking Therapist. 

Cost: Available on application


Who to contact

Contact Name
Susanna Mariam Matthan
Contact Position
Specialist Teacher and Drawing and Talking Therapist
07729 008608
01526 861107

Drawing and Talking Therapy can be brought to your setting or school

You will need to provide an undisturbed, safe and low stimulus environment which will become the safe space for the young person for the duration of the therapy. You will need to provide a suitable table and two chairs. 

Each session will last 30 minutes and will be carried out over a period of 12 weeks on average, depending on the needs of the young person.

Sessions will need to happen at the same time and day of the week for 12 weeks - this reinforces the importance of the therapeutic practice and the importance it gives the young person.

Where to go

Drawing and Talking Therapy Lincolnshire
Embers Cottage
56 High Street
North Kesteven

Postal address only.

Time / Date Details

Time of day
Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday 10.00 16.00
Tuesday 10.00 16.00
Wednesday 10.00 16.00
Thursday 10.00 16.00
Friday 10.00 13.00

Other Details


Referral required
Professional Referral
Referral Details

Drawing and Talking Therapy may be able to help children and young people who have had some of the experiences listed below:

They have suffered trauma 

They have been or are in the process of being adopted or fostered

They are experiencing difficulties related to separated or divorced parents or some kind of family split

They are young carers

They are vulnerable teenage parents

They are experiencing emotional trauma because of their LGBTI+ status or gender identification

They are socially disadvantaged

They are suffering from the effects of domestic violence

They suffer from anxiety, stress or phobias

They have suffered loss or bereavement of any kind

They are withdrawn or continually unhappy

They are ill or have a disability

They are autistic or appear to have autistic traits

They find it difficult to make and keep friendships

They quarrel frequently with peers or siblings

They bully others or are bullied themselves

They suffer from disrupted or disturbed sleep 

They display behaviours that may appear socially disruptive

They do not play

They are not realising their full potential either socially or academically

They are at risk of being, or have been excluded from school or an educational setting

Other notes

Additional needs are respected and will be accommodated as needed. You are encouraged to make all needs known at the start.

Specific age range

Inclusion Information

Special Needs

Has Provision
Experience with
Autism Spectrum
Emotional needs
Asperger's Syndrome
Attachment disorder
Please ask.

Dietary Needs

Has Provision
Experience with
Local Offer

Local Offer

This service is listed for your information. Its inclusion on the Family Services Directory does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by Lincolnshire County Council. For more information, go to Terms & Conditions

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