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Disabled Access Holidays

Disabled Access Holidays is an expert travel agency specializing in arranging disabled holidays to people with disabilities and other medical problems. Following is the list of services provided by us:

  • Guaranteed accessible cottages,apartments,adapted rooms upon confirmation of booking
  • Arranging transfers in adapted vehicles
  • Sourcing and booking mobility equipment essential for day to day living
  • Booking flights from most UK airports and arranging assistance at the airport
  • Recommending accessible hotels in London and in the entire UK and selected locations abroad, apartments and villas in a variety of wheelchair accessible accommodation.
  • Helping disabled travellers by suggesting properties with wheel-in showers, pool hoists, ramped pool access and other services often required by disabled people on holiday
  • You can also book your accessible holidays using holiday grants for the disabled.

Services provided in Lincolnshire include:

  1. Accessible accommodation in Lincolnshire
  2. Accessible holidays in Lincolnshire
  3. Disabled holidays in Lincolnshire

Who to contact

Contact Name
Kathanna Mc Givern
Contact Position
Disabled Holidays

Where to go

Disabled Access Holidays
84, Berkeley street
Charing X
Glasgow City
G20 8NF

We also have an office in London of which address is :

Disabled Access Holidays

83 Victoria Street



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Monday 09:00 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 17:00
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Friday 09:00 17:00
Saturday 09:00 14:00

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Other notes

Disabled Access Holidays

The Details Regarding Specific Services:

Cottages for disabled people are designed to be flexible and completely accessible for the disabled people while on a holiday.

People with disabilities while on a holiday may not be accompanied by their carer in such cases many travel companies are now providing disabled holidays with care provided.  In these type of holidays there will be care providers and holiday escorts available in destinations all over the world.

  • Disabled self catering accommodation: Self catering holidays is gaining more prominence these days with the holiday makers going on a family holiday. They are more spacious than a hotel room. There is also a kitchen available in the accommodation. Disabled people may have their restrictions for the type of food they take. So this type of travel is best for them because it allows them to prepare the food as per their dietary requirements.  Disabled self catering accommodation gives the facilities to cook their own meals in the accommodation. It becomes quite inexpensive for the disabled person which is a very good thing. Many more people will plan for a holiday if they find it quite inexpensive.  

So, basically we can say that disabled self catering accessible accommodation gives you the flexibility to come and go the way you want and also the budget required for it will be easily affordable. Many travel agents include disabled self catering accommodations in the holiday package for the disabled if those people express their desire to have stay in such accommodation while on a holiday. These accommodations are found in the various cities in the UK and across the world. With all these it becomes the most suitable type of accommodation for the disabled people.

  • Accessible hotels in London: The primary benefit of working with a specialist travel agency is that they understand all of the challenges that come with accessibility. They are more likely to go above and beyond just helping you find accessible hotels in London. They will also help arrange your itinerary and give suggestions for dining, transport, leisure activities, and so on.

Regardless of your need, there are accessible hotels in London and accessible hotels in the UK and other parts of world ready to provide great hospitality. It's just a matter of getting out there and finding them.

The absence of ceiling hoists in an accommodation away from home such as hotels or cottages will become problematic for the disabled people and their carer. So, before going a holiday it is necessary to check well in advance if the travel agents are providing the disabled holiday cottages with hoists facility.  

  • Disabled holiday accommodation with electric beds service: Electric beds aid in reducing the stress points affecting the body while sleeping. They help the people who suffer with back pain, joint pains and those having neck problems. They come in different sizes ranging from single, double and king size. They come in various styles as well such as adjustable head and foot, hi-low action, with cot-sides, single and double sized. Some adjustable beds also include a massage unit, to help ease aching muscles and joints, to help you sleep better, and improve mobility in the morning. Electric beds are the perfect solution for a better night sleep for the disabled people. We as a travel agency provide his service.
  • Disabled Holidays UK: We understand the challenges of disability and how those challenges relate to global travel. Regardless of your challenges, we take great pride in offering holiday packages that will more than meet your needs. We invite you to consider disabled holidays in UK for your next trip abroad. A visit to the UK is a visit you will not soon forget. It is an opportunity to see an incredibly beautiful country and experience a culture that is truly unique.
  • England has got many famous place disabled accessible resorts. List of disabled accessible hotels in England are:
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Local Offer

Local Offer

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