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Sexual Abuse

1. Emotional Health and Wellbeing 2. Sexual Abuse 3. If You Have Been Sexually Abused

2. Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse is when anyone (including family members) male or female, has forced, pressurised or tricked you into taking part in sexual activities.

Sexual abuse includes touching, kissing, oral sex, being forced to watch/look at sexual pictures or videos or watch someone do anything sexual.  This also extends to anything sexual online, as well as offline, for example online grooming.

Sexual abuse also includes "Sexual exploitation" where you are pressured into having sex with someone to get money or drugs, sexting or child pornography. 

A proejct called HOPE (Helping ourselves prevent exploitation) is available. See testimonial attached from a student that has done the course. See here for more details.

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Emotional Health and Wellbeing
If You Have Been Sexually Abused


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