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Low Resilience

1. Emotional Health and Wellbeing 2. Low Resilience 3. How Can I Help Myself Cope with Low Resilience
4. Information on Treatments and Support for Low Resilience    

2. Low Resilience

According to, Resilience is what keeps you going when you're in times of need.  It can be defined as "the psychological strength to cope with stress and hardship.

Resilience is what we call upon no matter what the size of our problems; it could be as simple as forgetting to walk the dog, all the way to a loved one passing.  However, if you have low resilience, it could be easy to treat a minor incident with the same emotional reaction as a loved one being hurt.

Whilst most people are born with a natural resilience, studies have shown that there are ways to increase resilience in all of us.  These are not difficult tasks, and can be applied to your everyday life.

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Emotional Health and Wellbeing
How Can I Help Myself Cope With Low Resilience
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