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Body Image

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2. Body Image

Most of us look in the mirror and will see something that we don't like.  It might be that we are having a bad hair day, or you look bloated, or even you're feeling "fat".  You may wish to change aspects about your body; this is on the whole normal.

Every day on social media, magazines and TV we are shown beautiful celebrities and most articles focus on how to look like them, what you need to do to achieve the "perfect body" or shaming celebrities for what they are wearing or if they have put on weight.  If these "perfect" people are still seen negatively then it isn't a surprise that you too may be overly critical of how you look.

Achieving a healthy body image is more than just tolerating what you look like or learning to live with your flaws.  It is about accepting that on the whole what TV and Instagram portrays is an illusion and you learn to recognise that for everything you dislike about yourself there are positives about your body.

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Emotional Health and Wellbeing
How Can I Help Myself Cope with Body Image
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