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Alcohol and Drugs

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4. Information on Treatment and Support for Alcohol and Drugs  

2. Alcohol and Drugs

All drugs carry risks.  You never know how you’ll react to a drug or what effect it could have on you, despite what people may tell you.


Some drugs are more addictive than others, for example, heroin and tobacco.


Some drugs, although not directly addictive, can still cause the user to develop a psychological dependence to the drug.


Some are likely to cause immediate dangerous effects; people have died instantly by inhaling aerosol gases/solvents, heart attacks in people who use crack cocaine or someone who drinks and drives.


Some can lead to specific long term physical damage, for example Ketamine causing damage to your bladder and alcohol damage to your liver.


Some drugs can have a strong impact on your mental health and well-being and could, for example, trigger the onset of a pre-existing mental condition.  For example, khat, amphetamine and cannabis are known to have these effects.


Alcohol, though socially acceptable, can cause the body many problems if it is abused.  More people die of alcohol related disease every year than deaths related to the use of illegal drugs.  Even drinking within recommended daily limits, over many years, can cause chronic damage to the body. 6 units (3 pints of average strength 4% lager) of alcohol is classed as binge drinking by the department of health.


If you think that you or a friend could have a problem with drugs or alcohol then please talk in confidence to a health professional about it.



3. Regular Drug and Alcohol Misuse


If you drink around fourteen units of alcohol (14 single measures of spirits (ABV 37.5%) or seven pints of average-strength (4%) lager) a week (or a regular drug user) then moderation and abstinence are good options for you.  Regularly drinking more than the recommended allowance of alcohol will lead to physical and psychological problems as well as risking dependency. 


For more information look at FRANK and Drinkaware websites.

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How Can I Help Myself Cope with Alcohol and Drugs
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