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Low Self Esteem

1. Emotional Health and Wellbeing 2. Low Self Esteem and/or Confidence 3. How Can I Help Myself Cope with Low Self Esteem and/or Confidence
4. Information on Treatments and Support for Low Self Esteem and/or Confidence    

2. Low Self Esteem and/or Confidence

Self-Esteem is the opinion we have of ourselves so low self-esteem means we see ourselves in a negative more critical way, it may also make you feel like you are unable to take on life challenges.

Causes for low self esteem can be from our childhood experiences.  Growing up, we receive different messages from people we come into contact with, both negative and positive, but it's the negative feelings and feeling like you are not good enough or that you can't live up to someone's expectations of someone that stays with us.  Another cause could be from a difficult or stressful event like a bereavement or an illness.  It is not always life experiences that cause low self esteem, some people are just more likely to have negative thoughts or set very high standards for themselves. 

Common outcomes of these attacks are to:

  • Isolate yourself from people and social events;
  • Stop trying new things and avoiding challenging task/situations;
  • Stay quiet and not share ideas or perceptions for fear of saying something "wrong,";
  • Not initiate with others for fear of rejection;
  • Not look for a better job because of feelings of inadequacy;
  • Remain in a destructive relationship because of feeling too inadequate to be alone. 

In short term, avoiding people and situations can make you feel safe and comforted, but in the long run this can teach you the unhelpful habit that avoiding situations is the only way to cope.  Low self esteem can affect your mental health, which can cause depression and anxiety

Low self-esteem can also lead to obsessive compulsive/addictive behaviour, which could range from substance abuse to perfectionism, all in an attempt to cope with these feelings.

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Emotional Health and Wellbeing
How Can I Help Myself Cope With Low Self Esteem and/or Confidence
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