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2. College

Colleges are similar to sixth form, but they are much bigger, and do not follow the same structure as a school.  You may not be at college five days a week.

For example, your days could be Monday 9am-2pm, Wednesday 10am-3pm and Thursday 11am-5pm.  This would be classed as full time.

You have more freedom to study on your own, you do not wear a uniform and you would be encouraged to be more independent.  If you prefer structure and the layout of a school day, college may not be the best option. Colleges are a lot bigger than sixth forms, they can offer more practical courses including work placements and project work.

Colleges offer more courses then sixth forms and different qualifications.  These can be:

  • AS and A Levels
  • T Levels
  • Foundation Qualifications (including ESOL)
  • Apprenticeships
  • NVQ's
  • BTEC
  • Higher Education
  • Adult Learning

Most colleges offer education for adults and night classes.

For more information on financial support you could have with attending college please see link :

(insert link to financial support page)

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