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School Transport for Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan

Transport 2. Transport for Children with SEND and/or EHC

2. School Transport for Children with SEND and/or an EHC Plan

If your child has an Education Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan) and attends a mainstream school/college or special school/college, you need to be aware that they may not have an automatic entitlement to transport provision.  The transport entitlement is assessed on distance from the home to the school/college and the needs and nature of the SEND. 


As a parent/Carer you have the right to send your child to a preferred school/college. However, the County Council may not provide transport assistance if it is not the nearest establishment to your home. If you have chosen a school/college that meets your child's needs but is not the nearest and the County Council has identified a nearer establishment that can meet your child’s needs, it will seek to confirm that arrangements could be made for admitting the child to the nearer establishment. In this case, the local authority will indicate on the plan whether transport will be provided or not to the preferred setting.


If the county council has refused transport provision or assistance, there is an appeals process which can be followed. Full details are available via the transport web pages or advice via the customer service centre on 01522 782020.

School Transport for primary and secondary pupils


If your child has an Education Health and Care plan (EHCP), school transport may be included as part of your child's non-educational provision. This is defined as an exceptional transport need and is determined at the time the EHCP is finalised by the SEND team. 

Entitlement to transport assistance is determined against the home to school transport policy. Students must be attending the nearest establishment identified by the county council to meet needs and meet the statutory walking distance criteria (2 miles for primary aged students and 3 for secondary).  Parents/carers can make an application for transport assistance via the Lincolnshire County Council online transport application form or by contacting the customer services centre to request a paper form or do a telephone application

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