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2. Help with Parking

Blue Badge scheme

You may be eligible for a Blue Badge if you or the child or young person you care for has difficulty walking long distances. Blue Badges are usually only given to parents and carers of children who are over 2 years old.

The Blue Badge lets you park in special disabled parking spaces anywhere in the country so that disabled people with severe mobility problems can access goods, services and other facilities by allowing them (or their carer) to park close to their destination.

Special rules for children under three

A parent of a child who is under three years old may apply for a Blue Badge for their child if the child has a specific medical condition which means that they:

  • must always be accompanied by medical equipment (for example, ventilators) which cannot be carried around without great difficulty
  • need to be kept near a vehicle at all times, so that they can, if necessary, be treated in the vehicle, or be quickly driven to a place where they can be treated, such as a hospital

We’re responsible for deciding whether you’re eligible and may ask you (if you’re a young person with SEND) or your child to have a mobility assessment with a medical professional such as a physiotherapist or occupational therapist.

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