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Post 16 Transport

Transport 2. Post 16 Transport

2. Post 16 Transport

A young learner aged 16 or over can receive transport support if it is needed to access a programme of full-time education or training. 

An application should be made using the online application facilities. A transport application form is also available from schools, sixth forms, and colleges which can be completed and posted to the address on the form. Help can be provided by calling the Customer Services Centre on 01522 782020.

Transport support is provided to the nearest or designated sixth form, college or other training establishment that can meet the learners needs. The student/parent will have to pay a contribution towards the cost of their transport (For the academic year 2018/19 this is £570 or three termly instalments of £193 or six payments of £96.50 - A total of £579. This is the same cost as academic year 2017/18. The contribution is reviewed annually.).

If the young person or the carer seeks a place in a school sixth form, college or other setting that is not their nearest or transport designated establishment, the Council will not normally provide transport, unless it has been agreed that the establishment chosen is the nearest that can meet their learning needs. It is important to check this point when considering a further education option. Young learners and parents/carers are encouraged to contact the transport team at the Customer Service Centre (CSC) on 01522 782020 to check on transport entitlement at the time they are considering their post 16 options. An enquiry can also be made by e-mail to: 

An application will be considered at any time but if transport is refused, it will normally be because the young learner is attending an establishment that is not the nearest or designated school or college or the nearest that can meet their learning needs.

Transport is provided from age 16 -18 (Years 12 and 13) and longer if needed to make sure the young learner completes a programme of learning which started before the age of 19.

Post 16 Aged Students With Special Educational Needs

As with School transport, if an exceptional transport need has been identified, transport will automatically be put in place via a referral from the caseworker and you will not need to apply.

If no exceptional transport need is identified, entitlement to transport assistance is determined against the home to school and college transport policy. Students must be attending the nearest establishment identified by the county council to meet needs and meet the statutory walking distance criteria of 3 miles. Parents/carers can make an application for transport assistance via our online transport application form or by contacting the customer services centre to request a paper form or do a telephone application.

Please note, a contribution towards the cost of transport must be made. This contribution is reviewed annually. Full details can be found on the Lincolnshire County Council transport webpages.

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