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Independent Travel Training

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The Independent Travel Training (ITT) Program is available to anyone who has an entitlement to transport provided by Lincolnshire County Council.

The ITT program is one to one training for young people to develop their confidence and skills required to travel independently. Trainers accompany the young person throughout their entire journey either by bus, train or walking, until the young person can manage every part of their journey independently.

The training is personal to the individual and provided on a regular basis (usually one day a week) by the same trainer with no set end date.

Skills can be gained from ITT 

Skills to be gained from ITT include: 

  • Self confidence
  • Road safety
  • Knowledge of getting around in their local area
  • Ability to deal with unplanned or emergency situations i.e. the bus running late
  • Ability to continue education
  • Increased independence

Training will help to develop life and travel skills which gives young people more opportunities. Travel Training can give young people more choices and opportunities in education, employment and taking part in social activities.  The programme also teaches the young person to plan ahead and learn how to cope with last minute changes and emergencies, a skill which is developed throughout training.

What other benefits can I gain? 

Additional Benefits of ITT are:

  • Increased independence
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Access to wider opportunities for the future i.e. work, further education
  • Ability to socialise with friends, enjoy a hobby or visit family
  • Provides relief for the whole family

The young person is awarded a certificate at the end of the training. 


How to Apply for Independent Travel Training

You will need to be eligible for school transport before you can apply for ITT, if you are eligible for school transport you're automatically eligible for ITT. Being eligible means being entitled which means that you have been successful in your application for home to school/college transport. 

For more information or to make a referral for ITT please complete on online form or  call our customer service centre on 01522 782020.


Once You Have Made the Application

Once you have made the application you will receive a letter.

If you are placed on hold this means:

  • Payment for post 16 contributions has to be made
  • An application has not been made yet or school transport has not yet been approved
  • You have requested to be put on hold for the time being, this could be because you are not yet ready for the training

If you are placed in waiting this means:

  • You are eligible for ITT and will be contacted by a trainer when a space has come available to start training

You may also receive a letter if ITT is not suitable for you. This will be explained in the letter should that be the case.


Contact Details

For more information please contact the ITT Team on the details below:

Contact: Dan McGarry

Tel: 01522 782020


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