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Moving into the County

1. EHC Plan (Eligibility and Request) 2.

EHC Assessment

3. EHC Plan's


EHC Implementation and Annual Reviews 5.

Personal Budgets

6. Moving into the County


EHC Disagreements

6. Transfer from one Local Authority to another in England or from Wales, Scotland or Ireland


What does the family have to do?

Your current Local Authority must transfer the Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) to the "new" authority. When moving area it is important to let your current local authority know that you are intending to move. You must also contact your current SEN team and give them your new address and the date that you will be moving. The EHCP transfer must take place on the day you move unless you have not given 15 days' notice. If you have not given notice the 15 days starts from the day you inform them of the move.


What does my current authority have to do?

They must transfer the EHCP and the opinion they have reached under the Disabled Persons Act 1986, that the child or young person is disabled. If you child doesn't have a plan but has a statutory assessment in progress they must also transfer all the information/ advice received.


What does the new authority do?

The new authority becomes responsible for maintaining the plan and for the special educational provisions specified in it. It is expected that your child or young person will continue to attend the educational institution specified in the EHCP. Where attendance would be impractical, for reasons such as it now being too far away, the new authority must place the child or young person temporarily at an appropriate educational setting until the EHCP is formally amended.

The new authority may

  • Bring forward the arrangements for the review of the plan
  • Complete a new assessment regardless of when the previous assessment took place.


The new authority must

  • Inform the parent/ young person when they will be reviewing the plan or whether they propose to re assess. This must be done within 6 weeks of the date of transfer.
  • Or review the Plan within 12 months of the Plan being made, or
  • Review the plan within 3 months of it being transferred

EHC needs assessment started but no EHC Plan?

The new authority has to decide whether it needs to carry out an EHC needs assessment themselves using the information provided by the previous authority. As the new authority when making our decision we will take into account that the old authority decided to carry out an EHC needs assessment. We will also use information already gathered to be used as part of our own decision making and as part of an EHC needs assessment if the decision is reached to progress with this route.


What if I have a personal budget?

If you currently have a Personal Budget agreed we will work with you to ensure adequate, appropriate and timely arrangements are made to ensure continuity of the overall provision purchased for your child.  We will work with you to consider any Personal Budget requests and ensure where possible we continue to secure provision through a Personal Budget.       


Moving to or from Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland?

The requirements for special educational needs in these countries are all slightly different from arrangements in England.  Lincolnshire will apply the same principles to ensure your child's special education needs continue to be met.  If your child is moving with a Statement of SEN from Wales or Northern Ireland or with a Co-ordinated Support Plan from Scotland we will look to transition to an EHC plan at the next planed review. 


What if my move also means I have a new Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)?

The CCG is the Group that commissions all the health services for the area where you live. If your change of address means that you are now in the area of a new CCG, your old CCG must notify the new CCG on the day of the move. Where it has not become aware of the move at least 15 working days prior to that move, within 15 working days beginning on the day on which it did become aware.

What other reasons might I change the CCG's?

This might be a change of GP or move within the local authority's area. The old CCG must notify the new CCG on the day of the move. If the CCGs are unaware of the move at least 15 days before the move, it is within 15 workings days from the day they became aware.

What does the new CCG do?

The new CCG must consider the health provisions set out in the EHC. Where it is not possible for new CCG to secure the health provision specified in the EHC, the new CCG must, within 15 working days of becoming aware of the change of CCG, request that the local authority (SEND Team) makes an EHC needs assessment or review the Plan. The local authority must comply with any such request.

Children of Service personnel in the Armed Forces

Service personnel/families may relocate more than the rest of the population sometimes, at short notice. These transitions should be well managed to avoid Service children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) experiencing delays in having their needs assessed and met.

If you are a Service family moving into the area with a child who has an EHCP, a Co-ordinated Support Plan or a statement of Special Educational Needs you will need to contact your current or home local authority as set out above and the Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS)


Children's Educational Advisory Services (CEAS) 

Childrens Advisory Services can also help in the transfer process between Local Authority, ensuring that the needs of your child are met.

The Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS) within the Ministry of Defence provides advice and guidance to Service parents, educational establishments and local authorities on educational issues relating to Service children, including issues relating to SEN.  They can also help with the transfer process between local authorities. 

Service Children’s Education (SCE) provides mainstream education for Service children in some overseas locations. As the education, health and social care resources available overseas are different from the UK, MoD services complete an MoD Assessment of Supportability Overseas (MASO) for all Service children with complex needs before an overseas posting is agreed. Personal Budgets agreed in the UK cannot be transferred to SCE locations overseas.

The moving schools pack is to help you, as a service parent, to support your child when moving schools. It is also available on the CEAS website.


Advice for schools

To support the transfer of information on Service children with Special Educational Needs the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has developed the pupil information profike for service children. This includes details of the child's SEN. It is avaibale for use by schools across the UK and overseas. It is also available from the Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS).



Telephone: 01522 553332

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