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EHC Implementation and Annual Reviews

1. EHC Plan (Eligibility and Request) 2.

EHC Assessment   

3. EHC Plan's


EHC Implementation and Annual Reviews 5.

Personal Budgets

6. Moving into the County 

EHC Disagreements

4. What happens once the EHC Plan is in place?

Once the EHC plan is in place, the locality SEND caseworker will ask the relevant educational setting to arrange where possible an EHC plan implementation meeting.  The purpose if this meeting is to discuss the short term targets, support and monitoring in order to assure the outcomes identified in the child or young person’s EHC plan are implemented.


What is an annual review?

Once an EHC plan is in place, it will be reviewed annually or more frequently if necessary; it may be required to review if there is a major change in circumstances or need.  The educational setting will invite the parent and child or young person to attend the annual review two weeks before the annual review date.  The Locality SEND Caseworker and anyone else who has professional involvement with the EHC plan with also be invited.

An EHC plan can cease at any agreed time when the child/young person’s outcome needs are met, or if the child/young person leaves education or a training setting.  This includes going into higher education, e.g. University courses.  At such point, the Plan can be forwarded to the University if requested, but the Local Authority duty ceases at this time.

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EHC Plan's
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