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Education, Health and Care (EHC) Needs Assessment Request agreed


EHC Plan (Eligibility and Request)

2. EHC Assessment   3. EHC Plan's


EHC Implementation and Annual Reviews 5.

Personal Budgets

6. Moving into the County 


EHC Disagreements

2. What happens once the EHC Request has been agreed?


Introductory Meeting

Once an EHC Assessment is agreed the locality SEND ESCO keyworker will contact the family and/or young person to organise an introductory meeting.  The purpose of this meeting is to:

  • Explain the assessment process;
  • Complete the child or young person’s ‘This Is Me’ personal profile and begin to populate the EHC needs assessment Outline;
  • Help the family and the child or young person plan for their involvement in the EHC needs assessment and the EHC Multi Agency Meeting (MAM).


Multi Agency Meeting (MAM)

The child or young person’s personal profile ‘This Is Me’, together with advice and information, is gathered in advance of the Multi Agency Meeting, using a person-centred approach.  A recommendation is then made as to whether an EHC plan is required to achieve the outcomes that have been identified for the child or young person, or whether this could be achieved by other forms of support.  Personal Budgets are also part of this discussion.

During an EHC needs asssessment, a Multi Agency Meeting is held which is attended by:

  • The parents/carersChild or young person;
  • Locality SEND Caseworker;
  • Professionals who have provided advice and/or who are currently involved in working with the child/young person.

If the recommendation from this meeting is to proceed, the caseworker will use the information to complete an EHC needs assessment outline in readiness for the Multi Agency Hub to consider.


Multi Agency Hub

The EHC needs assessment outline is considered by the Multi Agency Hub, attended by team managers across Education, Health and Social Care.

The Hub will decide whether an EHC plan is required by referring to information presented in the draft EHC needs assessment outline.  If approved, the EHC outline will lay out the provision necessary to achieve the outcomes that have been identified for the child or young person, and where this is the case, the level and types of funding (including personal budget if agreed).

Immediately following the Multi Agency Hub meeting, the locality SEND caseworker issues the draft EHC plan to parents young people and involved professionals.

Parents, young people and professionals have a 15-day period to discuss and respond.  Parents must contact the Local Authority within 15 days, detailing the proposed placement they wish their child to attend.


Personal SEND Budgets

Only children and young people who have an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan, or who have been assessed as needing an EHC plan, are able to request a personal SEND budget.


Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan agreed

By week 20 of the initial request, the EHC plan is agreed, finalised and issued to the child/young person.  The locality SEND caseworker will discuss and suggest with the educational setting that an implementation meeting takes place with the family.

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