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Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC) Eligibility

1. EHC Plan (Eligibility and Request) 2.

EHC Assessment  

3. EHC Plan's


EHC Implementation and Annual Reviews 5.

Personal Budgets

6. Moving into the County


EHC Disagreements

1. Education Health and Care Plan Eligibility

Lincolnshire Councty Council gives an EHC plan to a child or young person when their special educational needs cannot be reasonably met by the resources that mainstream nurseries, schools and colleges normally provide.

Find out more about identifying and assessing SEND.


Who can request an assessment?

A request can be made by:

  • Parents/carers;
  • young people over the age of 16;
  • Early year’s settings;
  • Schools;
  • Colleges;
  • Any professionals working with a child or young person.

Professional input should not only be used as part of the request for an EHC needs assessment but can also be used to help educational settings develop and produce a graduated approach as part of the Early Support: Assess, Plan, Do and Review process as outlined in the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice: 0 - 25 Years.  For more infromation, see What schools and other settings will do if they are concerned about your child's progress.

Please see the document SEN Support guidance Document for further information on what is expected of educational establishments in terms of available provision for children and young people with special educational needs.


A request can be made by completing:

Educational Settings
Parents and Young People:
Any other professional:

Please return this form, together with any reports, to the relevant locality team responsible for your area based on child's home address and not the educational setting:

Or by post to:

SEND Team,
Lincolnshire County Council,
9/11 The Avenue,


What happens next?

You’ll usually find out within 16 weeks whether or not we are going to make an EHC plan for your child.  If we decide to go ahead, we’ll create a draft EHC plan and send you a copy.

You have 15 days to comment, including if you want to ask that your child goes to a special needs school or a specialist college.

We have 20 weeks from the date of the assessment to give you the final EHC plan.

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