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Staying Safe

1. Transitions 2. Safety Tips

2. How Can I Stay Safe 


Learning how to keep yourself safe online in an important life skill. There are tips and advice on how to keep yourself same when you are out and about, at home, at work and online.

Online Safety

The internet is a great way to learn new things and too connect easily with your friends, family and new people. However, it is important to keep you safe online and to be aware of the possible dangers. Possible dangers could include; cyber bullying, cyber stalking, identity theft, online grooming, spam, phishing emails and viruses.


For more tips about staying safe online, see this page

Doorstep Safety

Sometimes you may have people come to your door and try and sell you things. Whilst some of these people are doorstep sellers, there are still bogus callers, scammers and rogue traders. It is important to know what to do if you are unsure about a doorstop caller and what to do before you open your door.  


Road Safety

Whether you are using the road as a pedestrian, driver or on your bike, it is important that you are safe. If you are unsafe it may not just affect you, and can have serious consequences. All road users should be aware of speed, country roads and sharp bends, tiredness, mobile phone use and, drink and drug driving.

Safety whilst out and about

It is important that you are safe, and feel safe when out and about. Most of the time, you will be safe and have no problems at all when you are out. However, it is good to know safety tips and have a plan just in case something happens. 

For more information and tips on road, doorstep safety and whilst out and about, click here.  See here for the safety partnership pages for more tips and advice.

Underwear Rule: Talk PANTS

Knowing the underwear rule can help you understand that your body belongs to you and you should never be made to do something that may make you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. You have the right to say NO. If something upsets you or worries you ALWAYS talk to someone you trust.

More information and advice on the underwear rule.

Sexual Health

Being healthy is about feeling good physically, mentally and emotionally. Being sexually healthy means that we avoid infections, illnesses and take responsibility to ensure that we protect ourselves and others.

More information on Sexual Health


Addiction is an illness that can make it very difficult for a person to stop doing something that is making them unhealthy like drinking, smoking, taking drugs, gambling. Addiction support services can help people to stop.

More information on Addiction 

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