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1. Transitions 2. Personal Budgets and Direct Payment 3. Managing your Personal Budget
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2. Personal Budgets and Direct Payments


What is a Personal Budget?

A personal budget is the amount of money that will be paid to you to help pay for services to meet your social care needs that are identified in your Adult Care Assessment

You can receive a Personal Budget to help you personalise the support you receive by:

  • Choosing the support that benefits you the most.
  • Being able to have your say and be involved in the decisions made about your care.

Please note there are two other types of personal budgets, education and health. The information on this page is related to personal budgets in social care.  If you want information on SEND personal budgets please go here.   Information on health personal budgets can be found here.

How do I access a Personal Budget?

You will be able to discuss this with your allocated Adult Care worker, or you could contact the council directly.

  • 01522 782155 - Enquiries 8am-6pm Mon-Fri
  • 01522 782224 - Carers 8am-6pm Mon-Fri
  • 01522 782333 - Emergency out of hours


Who is eligible for a Personal Budget?

You will only be eligible for a Personal Budget if you have had an Adult Care Assessment and have been identified as needing care and support services to help meet your needs. If you are eligible for a personal budget you will then have a financial assessment to see if you need to contribute towards the cost. 


How do I receive a Personal Budget?

Your Personal Budget can be paid:

  • Directly to you in a Direct Payment.
  • To someone else who manages your money for you. This is a 'nominated person'.
  • To a service provider;
  • As a combination of the above.

The most common payment method is by Direct Payment. However, you can ask Adult Care to deal with your finances on your behalf. 


What is a Direct Payment?

A Direct Payment is a voluntary agreement that your personal budget is paid directly to you or a representative.It will allow you to have more freedom and flexibility to choose and pay for the support, services and activities that best suit you.


How does a Direct Payment work?

You will receive a pre-paid card for on-going payments. It may be agreed that you set up your own specific bank account instead to receive these payments.  If you decide that you no longer want to receive a Direct Payment, you can cancel this at any time by talking to your Adult Care worker.


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Managing your Personal Budget

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