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Young people preparing for adulthood

Staying Safe Online

Henry, Ryan and Daniel talk about how to keep safe when you're online.

What type of games that they play and how to deal with other people online.

They also discuss what to do if you have any bad experiences online. 

Healthy Eating

Ryan and Maisie talk about exercise, healthy eating and work out what foods are the healthiest!

Health Conditions

Ryan and Daniel talk about what it is like to have a long term health condition.

Daniel talks about his feelings, how it impacts his daily life and his plans for the future. 


Ryan and Sam talk about life with a wheelchair, using a mobility car, his new powerchair and Lincoln City!

School Transitions

Ryan and Sam talk about life in mainstream school, experience of bullying, transitioning (moving) to a new special school.

Work Experience

Daniel talks about work experience and his how it helps him with his Aspergers.

He talks about his plans for the future and how work experience can lead to a paying job.

Matthew talks about work experience and how he is developing life skills for the future.


Ashley talks about his experience of sheltered accommodation and transitioning to privately rented accommodation.

Transport Training

James and Ryan talk about getting about using public transport and travel training.

Making Friends

Shannon and Georgia talk about friendships and socialising.

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