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Staying safe- Underwear Rule: Talk PANTS

1. Staying Safe 2. Learn the Underwear Rule: Talk PANTS

2.Learn the Underwear Rule: Talk PANTS

Privates are Private

  • Make sure you child knows that the parts of the body that are covered up by underwear are private.
  • No one should ask to see or touch them
  • Sometimes a doctor, nurse or family member may have to but they should always explain why they need to and ask you if it's okay first.

Always remember your body belongs to you

  • No one should ever make you do things that make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.
  • If someone asks to see or touch you under your underwear say 'NO'
  • Tell someone you trust and like to talk to if someone has tried to see or touch you.

No means no

  • You always have the right to say 'no' even if it's somebody you know or love
  • You are in control of your body, how you feel is the most important thing
  • If you want to say 'no' it's your choice

Talk about secrets that upset you

  • There are good and bad secrets- good secrets can be surprises, presents or parties for other people
  • Bad secrets can make you feel sad, scared or worried
  • You should tell an adult about a bad secret straight away

Speak up, someone can help

  • Talk about stuff if it is making you upset or worried
  • If you feel sad, frightened always speak to an adult you trust
  • You don’t have to talk to a family member you can talk to a teacher, a friends parent or even Childline


Staying Safe
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