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Staying Safe Whilst Out and About

1. Staying Safe 2. Staying Safe whilst out and about

2. Out and About Safety


When you are going out it is important that you feel and are safe.

Tips on how to stay safe when you are out and about:

  • Before you go out plan your journey, this will help you to know where you are going and how you are going to get there. If you are walking and it will get dark stick to well-lit roads and busy areas.
  • If something goes wrong when you are out it can be quite scary and stressful, it is helpful to have a plan on what you will do if something goes wrong and you need help. A friend or family member can help you make a plan.
  • Trust your gut and how you feel. If you don’t feel safe ask someone for help or go to a place where you feel safe.  
  • Look confident but not scary or intimidating and make sure you keep your money and mobile phone hidden so people don’t try and steal them.
  • DO NOT carry a weapon.  You may end up hurting yourself or even getting arrested.


What do I do if something goes wrong?

  • If they are trying to take something from you like money or your phone give it to them straight away. A phone is replaceable.
  • If someone is shouting at you or saying nasty things keep your head down and try not to make eye contact.
  • Walk away quickly – do not run unless they are getting violent. Find a safe spot as soon as you can.
  • STAY CALM. Deep breaths this will help you think clearly.


After something has gone wrong and I have found my safe spot what do I do?

  • Call the police or go to a police station and tell them everything that happened. – DO NOT try look for the person who did it.
  • Try to remember what happened, when it happened, where it happened and what the attacker looked like. – DO NOT keep it to yourself.
  • If you wallet or phone has been taken speak with your bank straight away. You will need to cancel your cards so they cannot be used by someone else.  
  • Do not let it stop you from enjoying life. If you are worried ask for help. 

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