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Staying Safe- Doorstep Safety

1. Staying Safe  2. Door Step Safety

2.Door Step Safety

It is important that you stay safe in your home from doorstep criminals, scammers and rouge traders. Older and vulnerable people are more likely to be targeted.

Here are a few tips on what to do before you open your door

  • Look through your spy hole or window to see who it is- if you open the door keep it on the chain
  • Do you know them?  Are you expecting anyone?
  • If you are not sure communicate through the door and ask who they are, what company they are from and what it is in regards to etc. if you are still not sure then ask them to wait a moment whilst you phone the company just to check
  • Don’t feel pressure to open the door or make any decisions if you're not comfortable
  • You are allowed to say 'NO' this does not make you rude. Your safety is more important than someone's feelings.
  • If you are not sure do not open the door-
  • Ring the police if you are suspicious of the caller

Bogus workmen may try convincing you that your home needs some repairs, these repairs are often unnecessary but the workmen may be quite persistent.

If someone comes to your house and tells you that you need repairs NEVER pay money over the door. Ask them to leave you a quote and you will get back to them. Contact trading standards on 01522 782341 for advice and to make sure they are a legitimate company.

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Staying Safe
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