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Birth Certificate

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8. Birth Certificate 


When you are born your parents or guardian will register you at your local register office. This is so there is a legal record of all the births taking place in that area. Your birth certificate will include information about you, your mother and father. This information will be your names, date and place of birth, gender and your parent's occupation.

After you have been registered your parents/ guardian will be given a birth certificate, this can be a full certificate or a short certificate.


What are birth certificates needed for?

  • When you are applying for a school place
  • If you are applying for your driving license or passport
  • When applying for certain jobs
  • Applying for financial loans
  • Marriage
  • To support forms of id documents


If you have lost your birth certificate

If you have lost your birth certificate you are able to apply and pay for a new one. You must apply to the register office within the district that you were born. The cost of a new certificate is £10; you will need the information about your parents as well as your contact details.

You can apply:

  • Online
  • Over the phone 01522 782244 or,
  • By post :Certificate Applications 
                  Lincolnshire Registration and Celebratory Service
                  PO Box 760
                  Lincoln, LN2 5WG 

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