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National Citizen Service

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7. National Citizen Service
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7. What is National Citizen Service?


National Citizen Service is a programme that is run for young people who are moving towards becoming young adults, to help them develop skills that can support them as they move on. The programme involves a number of different activities designed to improve aspects of the young person's life such as social ability, fitness and friendship groups.

Currently, the process in Lincolnshire takes place as below:

Phase 1: Adventure

This will include a residential stay away from home, and young people are given the chance to explore outdoors and engage in activities they may not have had the opportunity to experience at home. This is also a good time for each person to get to know the rest of the team and develop friendships.

Phase 2: Discovery

Including the chance to stay in university style accommodation (except for Autumn programmes), this stage allows young people to learn how to complete a good CV and some skills that they will be able to add to their own CVs. This stage also gives young people the opportunity to follow more personal goals and practical skills they would like to develop, such as music, photography, sports, business and art.

Phase 3: Social Action

The final phase gives the young people involved a 'social action' to complete. This could be decorating a public building, clearing an area of land, working together with younger children to promote sports and healthy lifestyles, amongst many others.


How do I get involved?

Young people can sign up by completing an online form


You can also contact the service via telephone or email: 

Telephone 01522 574100


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