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1. Life Skills 2. How to fill in forms 3. Learning to drive
4. Building relationships 5. Making friends 6. Cooking
7. National Citizen Service
8. Birth Certificate 9. Owning a pet

6. Food and Cooking Skills

Cooking is something that everybody has to do, and level of skill varies widely between different people.

Basic Cooking Skills - BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food's basic cooking skills is a good place to start for anybody inexperienced.


Food Hygiene - NHS

The NHS offer a lot of simple advice to avoid food-borne illness and keep you healthy.


Cooking with a physical disability 

Cooking when you are physically disabled can be potentially dangerous due to the average kitchen not being designed with disability in mind. Kitchn have very useful tips and advice


Cooking with a learning disability

MENCAP have provided very useful document to support people with learning disabilities and their families to learn the valuable skills of cooking whilst staying safe.


Healthy Recipes

NHS Change4Life offer a huge selection of healthy recipes designed for all ages to cook and enjoy


BBC Good Food have a very useful page including a number of cheap and healthy recipes for those on a budget


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Making Friends 
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