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Making friends

1. Life Skills 2. How to Fill in Forms 3. Learning to Drive
4. Building Relationships 5. Making Friends 6. Cooking
7. National Citizen Service 8. Birth Certificate 9. Owning a pet

5.Why is it important to make friends?

Friends are just one of the many kinds of relationship people can have. These can help

  • Building our social skills
  • Improving our self-esteem
  • Helping us learn when we are right and wrong
  • Good mental health
  • Teaching each other life skills

How do I make friends?

There are many different ways you can make friends, and we have listed just some of them down below

    • Try an activity you enjoy with somebody new
    • Try a new group activity
    • Look for local clubs online
    • Take your time!
    • Use family and other friends to help you ease in
    • Contact the Wellbeing Service on 01522 782140
    • If you're feeling brave just starting a conversation with someone and asking them about themselves is all it takes to build a friendship!

Where can I go to make friends?

You can look for opportunities to do things in lots of different places:

  • Visit your local library, church or district council
  • Take a look online at what is available locally
  • The Play and Leisure page on the Family Services Directory


Charities and Resources


Visit Mencap for the chance to see what clubs are in your local area, as well as some friendship building advice and support for parents and children.  


For some simple, easy to access advice for both parents and young people, please visit the Contact website.

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Building Relationships
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