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How to fill in forms

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2. Filling in forms

There are many different kinds of forms that you may have to fill in as you get older. You might want to apply for a job, or you might want to go to college or university. You might want to join a club or move into a new house. There are a few different ways forms can be filled in:

  • by hand
  • using a computer and then signing by hand
  • writing and then sending them online 


When you're filling in a form:

  • read it very carefully before you start
  • Ask someone (family or professional) if you need help to fill in the form

There can be different types of questions and different ways of answering them. For example:

  • Ticking or crossing empty boxes
  • Crossing out a box
  • Writing a letter in a box
  • Circling the correct answer
  • Using drop down boxes or tick buttons online

Here are some explanations of common items included on forms:


This means write the word in capital letters

  • Please tick appropriate box

Put a tick next to answer that applies to you

  • Delete where applicable

Cross out any answers that don't apply to you

  • Please print

Write without joining up the letters

  • Please specify

Make sure you include as much detail as is needed

For more skills and tips on filling in forms, have a look at the BBC skillwise website

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