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Information for Foster Carers

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4. Information for Foster Carers


What is the Caring2Learn Award?

Learning Homes Award – This award celebrates Foster Carers and Residential Home who champion education and learning in the home. They promote social and academic learning and nurture looked after children and young people to develop the life skills and aspirations they need to success. This is what we call a 'Learning Home'.

To describe how you do this we have created a workbook which is divided into four sections, known as domains. Within each domain there are indicators of good practice the theory or research, and some examples of what this looks like in real like. The four domains are:

  1. Practical activities in the home 
  2. Supporting education
  3. Working together with professionals and other agencies
  4. Overall approach to learning

We know that when education and aspiration is promoted and supported in the home young people have a much higher chance of success in school and are more likely to go on to achieve their academic goals. Working closely with schools can have a massive impact on how well a young person progresses and can mean the difference to them building a positive attitude and continuing in education or training for a successful future.  With the Learning Homes Award we want to recognise and celebrate all the amazing ways you do this and also identify any training and development which can help you in your crucial role.

How do I achieve the Award?

By participating in the project, working through the Learning Homes Workbook, building a portfolio and attending training and support meetings you work with or support vulnerable young people in your home.

You Will be asked to collect evidence to submit for your portfolio such as photos, certificates, meetings and review notes or other relevant documents. The Caring2Learn team, Education Champions and your Supervising Social Worker will support you throughout and help you to show all the amazing things you do everyday which demonstrate your commitment to creating a caring supportive and aspirational learning home for children and young people in your care.

When you are ready to submit your portfolio, a representative group called the Caring2Learn Assessment Board will look at your evidence and agree your award.

If you would like to see the Learning Homes Workbook as you SSW or book onto a Learning Homes Induction Day to find out more.

Foster Carer Education Champions

Across the county we have Foster Carer Education Champions. These are carers from a variety of backgrounds who champion education in their homes and will support other carers and education settings better to promote education and o0utcomes for children.

The Foster Carer Education Champion can:

  • Support and advise about the Learning Homes Award
  • Offer advice and support to carers around learning and working with schools
  • Support carer in elements of education planning and reviewing education needs and outcomes
  • Accompany carer and support them to act as an advocate at meetings with schools or other agencies

Our current Education Champions are based across the county. If you would like to get in touch with an Education Champion in your area please contact us on our email address –

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