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Supported Lodgings

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2. What are Supported Lodgings?

Supported lodgings give you the chance to live in a home with a supportive adult.  The supportive adult (lodgings provider) may be a family, a couple or a single person. 

The lodgings provider will be provided with ongoing training by Barnardo's and receive weekly payments to cover the cost of hosting a young person. 

Supported lodgings providers should:

  • Have great communication skills;
  • Offer a safe and friendly environment;
  • Be able to relate to young people;
  • Be supportive to young people's needs;
  • Be open minded and approachable;
  • Provide an individual room and use of shared facilities along with a house key;
  • Involve the young persons in day-to-day tasks;
  • Attend training sessions.

If you would like to discuss a supported lodgings issue, please contact Barnado's:

Barnardos Lincolnshire Leaving Care Service
2 Deacon Road

Phone: 01522 575955

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