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Leaving Care Worker

1. Are you a Care Leaver? 2. Leaving Care Worker 3. Corporate Parenting
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2. What is a Leaving Care Worker

You will have a Leaving Care worker to support and advise you until you reach 21 years old, whether you are in education or not.  Your Leaving Care worker is the person that you can talk to about any problems, and will act as someone that will guide you from the age of 16 to 21. After 21 you can also access Informration Advice and Guidance from a leaving care worker until the age of 25. 

They will help you to prepare to live on your own.  Your Leaving Care worker will also be the person who will sit and talk through your Pathway plan

In Lincolnshire, Leaving Care workers are commissioned by the Local Authority through Barnardo's.

We will always try to make sure you have the same Leaving Care worker from start to finish, though this may not always be possible. 

The amount of support that you receive from your Leaving Care worker is dependant on your needs.  Some young people may need extra support because you:

As your Leaving Care Worker, they promise to:

  • Respect and honour your identity;
  • Believe in you, take your views into account and never give up on you;
  • Discuss your needs with you and listen to your views;
  • Give you the information you need in every aspect of life, including opportunities and rights;
  • Support you with your needs and the decisions you have to make;
  • Enhance your life skills to help you find and manage a home;
  • Listen to you and be available when possible. 

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