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What is Leaving Care?

1. What is Leaving Care? 2. Housing 3. Money
4. Employment 5. Useful Words 6. Education
7. Life Skills 8. Emotional Well Being

If you are "Leaving Care" then it means that you are between 16-21 years old and have been previously "Looked After" by Children's services for:

  • At least 13 weeks between the ages of 14-16 (this includes your 16th birthday)
  • 13 weeks after your 16th birthday.


Leaving Care Timeline 

Age What Happens
16 Your Social worker will help you make the transition from care to living on your own.  This will start with writing your Pathway Plan.
18 You are no longer in care after 18, the county council still provides support, i.e. plan and Leaving Care Worker.

You will be able to access an Information, Advice and Guidance service from a personal advisor after the age of 21 up to the age of 25.   

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