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Concerns about Progress at School

1. Education  2. Concerns about Progress    

2. My Child's Progress at School

Lincolnshire County Council expects all mainstream schools to offer support for children with special educational needs.


I have concerns about my child's progress in school

If at any point you have concerns with your child's progress at school, then you should contact the school and arrange to meet/telephone call with the correct members of staff involved.  This could be the child's school teacher, SENCo worker, or a 1:1 teaching assistant if your child has one.  Once you have brought up any concerns you may have, you and the school can try to work together to help your child succeed and receive any further help that could be needed. 

For further information, please see What schools and other settings will do if they are concerned about your child's progress



Liaise (SEND Information, Advice and Support Service in Lincolnshire) provides a free and confidentiality service offering information, advice and support for parents of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability.  Liaise offers face to face advisers or confidentiality helpline for families. 

They can give information, advice and support in areas such as:

  • SEND legal information;
  • SEND Policy and how it works practically;
  • Support raising complaints;
  • Support with forms, letters, attending meetings;

And many more.  For further information on Liaise, please call 0800 195 1635 or email


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