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Buy to Rent

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2. Buy to rent


Buy to rent is where a parent, or other close relative, buys (or builds) a property and then rents it out to their son, daughter or other family member. This property may be a house, flat or bungalow which can be adapted if needed. It can also be a bungalow built in the garden of the family home.

You can get housing benefit or help with rent from universal credit if you rent a property from a member of your family who lives somewhere else.

You may have to provide proof of your tenancy, such as:

  • Tenancy agreement
  • Contract


There are additional rules where a parent rents a room to their son or daughter in the same house they are living in.

If you can show that you are renting a property where you only share bathrooms and passageways then you may be able to claim housing benefits. A close relative can be a parent, parent in law, son, son in law, daughter, daughter in law, step parent, step son, step daughter, brother, sister or the partner of any of these people (Reg 2 HB Regs 1987).

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