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Pathway Plan

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4. What is a Pathway Plan?


Every Young person who is leaving Care MUST have a pathway plan.  The pathway plan usually starts around your 16th birthday.  Your pathway plan tells you how the local authority will help you prepare to live on your own.  It is a really important document that will show "What you want to do", "What support you need" and how the Local authority will help you to achieve it.


What's discussed in my plan?


This plan is about your life so it will cover many aspects of it, including:


Health problems

This is where you will state any health problems that you have.  As well as illnesses, it should also focus on how you will remain healthy for example exercise.


Education, training and employment

This will include aims on how you are going to achieve your chosen career.  It will list what courses you will attend and any equipment that is needed to achieve it, for example a computer, or a desk.  Make sure you raise all your needs with your Leaving Care Worker.


Family and Friends

This section is about making sure you have a good support network.  Do you have people you can talk to?  Who to go to if you are in trouble or want advice?  Are you happy with your family contact arrangements?



Your identity is about what makes you, you!  Do you have all the correct paper work like passport, ID, Driving licence?  It is also about making sure that you have information from your past, or getting advice about sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.


We all need money to survive, this section is where it will state:

  • How much you are entitled to;
  • What help is available;
  • When you will receive your payments;

Your Leaving Care worker will also discuss how to save, budget for the future and any further benefits you may be entitled to.


You should only be in housing that is suitable.  Your bills, location, safety and rent will all be looked at.  This section should also look at how you move into more independent housing and what needs to be done to get you there.  If you are not happy with your current living arrangements, let your Social Worker or Leaving Care Worker know. 

Life skills

School doesn't teach you everything.  There are a lot of life skills that you need to continue to learn, like cooking, cleaning, or information about money.  This section is where you focus on those skills or look at what you feel you need more support on.


What to think about when you're writing your plan


  • This is your chance to let everyone know how you feel.  Let them know if you are unhappy about anything;
  • Things don't always go to plan and therefore you should think about a 'plan B' (Just in case);
  • The plan not only focuses on 'how' you will live on your own but also 'who' can help you achieve this


How often should it be reviewed?


The Pathway Plan should be reviewed every 6 months.  But, if something big happens in your life, then it should be reviewed right then. 

Remember: when you have finished your plan, SIGN IT and get a copy.

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