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Transitions Pathway - Secondary

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3. Transitions Pathway - Secondary - 11 Years

As your child moves towards Secondary School, discussions will be held between parents and staff as to which school would be most appropriate. It is recommended that you visit as many schools as you can, to get an idea which one will suit your child best. Once a school has been selected, applied for and accepted, (following the County Council's procedure), the Primary School is then responsible for passing on all of the information that is necessary to support the child as part of their transition. 

If your child is in a special school, the process will differ slightly, depending on which school it is.

14 Years - Year 9 Annual Review

This review is mainly to discuss what the young person wants to do when they leave school:

  • A Year 9 Annual Review meeting will take place at school, which will look at your future hopes and plans. 
  • A One Page Profile can help to understand what support might be needed.  It can create a person centred plan which can be brought to the meeting.  Circles of Support can help to write these.
  • If there is an Education Health and Care (EHC) Plan then it will also be reviewed at this meeting.  Discussions will include health, further education, friends and relationships, where to live and employment options for the future.  This information must be recorded in an EHC plan, if there is one.  
  • If there isn't  an EHC Plan, the transitions pathway can be used to help plan for the future.  Information should also be discussed at every annual review and any changes made if it is needed.  A copy of this plan or pathway can be asked for at this meeting.
  • You can use the Local Offer, and other useful organisations (see downloads) for information and advice on planning.
  • Parents/carers can ask for a carer’s assessment which will help them to think about their own needs and support.
  • A ‘Young Carer’ you can get information and advice from Lincolnshire Young Carers Service. This should be recorded at their review or their EHC Plan, if they have one.
  • A young person can have a health action plan which talks about what support they need with their health. A doctor, nurse or other health professional can support with this plan.  This can be shared with other professionals if you say it is ok to do so.  Talk to your GP or other health professional about the young person having an annual health check.


Who will be at the Year 9 Review?


15 Years:

  • There will be a Year 10 Annual Review at school to keep planning for your future.
  • Assistance with looking at Post 16 options.
  • The EHC Plan or Transitions Pathway should be reviewed.
  • They should be talking about work experience in the community, if this is possible.
  • Skills for independent living should be introduced, for example Independent Travel Training and money skills.

Who will be at the Year 10 Review?

  • Young person, parents or carers and someone from school

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