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Preparing for Primary School

1. Early Years and Starting Primary School 2. Identifying and Assessing Children's needs in Early Years 3. Services and Support
4. Preparing for Primary School 5. Childcare Providers

4. Preparing for Primary School

All applications for school places are processed through the Schools Admissions Team at Lincolnshire County Council.  You can apply for a primary school online, over the phone or request a paper application by contacting the Schools Admission Team on 01522 782030.  You only need to apply once using one method.

If your child has an Education Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan) there is a different procedure for your child/ren.  You should speak to the staff at your child's current early years setting, the school you are considering, and to someone from Lincolnshire County Council Special Educational Team on 01522 553332 for help and advice.

If your child has Special Educational needs but does not have a Care Plan, they will be treated the same as any other child applying for a school.  You should apply for a Primary School in the same way.


Choosing a Primary School

Choosing a Primary School for your child can feel like a long process.  Before applying for a school, it is recommended you find out which schools are in your local area and visit the school you are considering.  The Schools Admission Team try to place children with their first choice, however there are many factors that are considered when placing a child, for example catchment areas.

All maintained schools have to publish a report giving you the information about how they support children with special educational needs and disabilities.  This can normally be found on their website.  If not, contact the school for this information.


Starting School

Moving on from early years provider to Primary School can feel like a massive step, but the start of this process is important, to make sure your child has the best start at their new school with all arrangements already in place.  To help children settle and become used to the school surroundings, all schools, including special schools, have a visiting programme which is normally held towards the end of summer term before you child starts school.  This helps a child get used to their new surroundings, meet staff and other children in their class.


What can I do before my child starts?

It is important that you meet the school's SENCo teacher to discuss your child's needs and any issues that may arise.  The school will want to know what is working for your child so they can make a plan in advance before your child starts. 

It is important you start to prepare your child for the move to reception class.  You can do this by talking to them positively about the school, getting used to the journey to the school, reading books together about starting school and visiting the school together.


Who can help?

There are many services that can help with this process.  It is important to talk to the people already involved with you and your family. 

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