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Support to care leavers who are former Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC)

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7. Former UASC (Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Child) 

7. Are you a Former UASC (Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Child) 

Your Leaving Care Worker will work with you and any other agencies involved to identify:

  • your accommodation options;
  • your support needs;
  • education and employment opportunities.

Where necessary they will refer or sign post you to the specialist agencies to help you to achieve your aspirations and support you to access any funding you may be entitled to.

As a former-UASC, you may continue to receive support from Lincolnshire Children's Services for your accommodation if your asylum claim is undecided, and will also continue to receive a living allowance.

If you are granted leave to remain, you may be entitled to benefits which could include Housing Benefit to enable you to rent privately or you will be able to work and pay for your own accommodation. If you are granted leave to remain, Lincolnshire Children's Services will no longer pay for your accommodation or provide a living allowance.

Your Leaving Care Worker will continue to support you, regardless of your asylum status, until you are 21 - this does not necessarily mean financial support. After this, you can access Information, Advice and Guidance support from a Leaving Care Worker until you are 25.

Examples of how your Leaving Care Worker may offer support include:

  • support with Home Office appointments relating to your asylum claim if this is still undecided;
  • support with Legal appointments related to any asylum claim;
  • support to access appropriate benefits through strong links with the Jobcentre;
  • support to access other services including mental health support, health services, life skills, community and sporting activities.

For more information about how Lincolnshire Leaving Care can support care leavers who are former-UASC, contact Barnardo's on 01522 575955 or speak to your Leaving Care Worker.

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