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Collective Ownership

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3. Collective Ownership

Parents can join together when they feel there is no suitable accommodation locally, this is known as collective ownership. By joining together, they can pool resources and develop a new service for young people to share.

There are different ways of doing this:

  • Joint ownership of up to four families
  • Forming a company if there are more than four families
  • Setting up an unregistered housing association

The accommodation developed can vary.  Families who combine together are most likely to develop a small block of self-contained flats with communal facilities such as a meeting room/ lounge/ kitchen area with on-site office, or buy a small shared house.

 How to access

Collective ownership is managed and arranged by the families themselves. The group can decide together what they would like the arrangement to look like.


How it works

It is what the group decides. The property will be let to your relative where they will pay rent. This provides an income for the group which can be used for day to day management, maintenance and future lettings

e that any care and support required for supported living arrangements is determined by an assessment from Adult Social Care.  If you meet the criteria for care and support, any services provided will be subject to a financial assessment.  This will determine how much contribution you will have to make towards the cost of your care.  If you do not meet the criteria for services and support from Adult Social Care, you can make your own arrangements, and will pay full costs for your care and support.

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