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Health Visitors, The Early Years

About the Service

The Health Visiting service provides advice, information and help to parents and their new baby from pre-birth to their first year at school.  It is provided in Lincolnshire by Lincolnshire County Council as part of the Children's Health Service 0-19.

Health Visitors and Children and Young People's Nurses work together as a team to support children and families from birth to nineteen years (up to twenty-five for those with special educational needs or disabilities).

The birth of your baby should be a happy time for you, and the health visiting team aim to support you and your baby through your child’s early years.

The Health Visiting team consists of Health Visitors and Family Health Workers.


How it Works

The midwife will contact the Health Visitor to inform him or her of your pregnancy and the expected date of your delivery.  You may be seen by your Health Visitor prior to the birth of your baby.

Following the birth, you and your baby will be seen at home by the Health Visitor for a new birth visit between 10 – 14 days.  The service you and your baby will receive will be planned according to your baby and family needs.

The Health Visiting Teams are located in various places such as Community Hospitals, Health Centres, Children’s Centres and GP Surgeries or may see you in your own home.

The Health Visiting team will see you and your baby at intervals before your child starts school. These include:

  • When you are over 25 weeks pregnant
  • When your baby is 10 – 14 days
  • When your baby is 6 – 8 weeks old
  • When your baby is 8 – 12 months old
  • When your child is 2 – 2 ½ years old

You will have the opportunity to discuss any matters such as child development, breast feeding, introducing solids foods, immunisations, accident prevention and behaviour.  You will also have the opportunity to discuss how you are feeling about being a new parent.

The team work together with families and other agencies supporting children to reach their full potential.


Additional Information

Families with pre-school children who move into Lincolnshire will be contacted by their local Health Visitor following registration with a GP practice.

The Health Visitors and Children and Young People's Nurses work closely together.  When your child starts school the Health Visitor will liaise with the School Nurse who will continue to provide support for where required through their school years.     

Please use the service to help support your child through their early years.

The Health Visiting service works Monday to Friday 9-5pm excluding Bank Holidays.

Contact details for your Health Visiting Team will be given to you by your Health Visitor prior to or at your child’s primary birth visit. 

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