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Children's Health Service 0-19

The Children's Health Service 0-19 offers health visiting and nurses for school aged children. 

Health Visitors

Health Visitors support children and their family from the antenatal period until the child reaches the end of their Reception year (0 to 6 years).  Health Visitors are trained nurses that have additional specialist qualifications in working with children and families to assess health needs.  Those needs can be physical, emotional and social and by early identification health visitors can signpost children and their family to the right services

The universal care provided by health visiting includes:

  • Antenatal education
  • Antenatal birth visits (6 to 8 week assessment, 8 to 12 months assessment and 2- 2½ year assessment)
  • Help with feeding your baby and growth and development
  • Parenting and child behaviour advice
  • Maternal mental health

Children and young people's nurses

Children and young people's nurses provide support for children and young people aged 6 to 19 years with more complex health needs, where other services are not designed to meet their needs.  They also work with young people up to the age of 25 years who have special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

This may include support for:

  • Healthy weight management
  • Continence
  • Enuresis
  • Managing long-term health conditions

Children and young people's nurses will work closely with health visitors to ensure a seamless pathway to continued support for identified children and their families, after their Reception year.  They also work closely with schools, GPs and other relevant services to help children and young people within continuing complex needs.

Telephone number: 01522 843000 - 9am to 5pm

Email address:

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