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Disability Access Funding (DAF)

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 3.  Early Years Inclusion Funding Frequently Asked Questions   

What is it?

The Disability Access Funding (DAF) is an additional amount of funding allocated to a childcare provider for an individual child accessing their 3&4 year old entitlement and claiming Disability Living Allowance (DLA). This is to provide additional support alongside their funded hours. The current rate is £615 per year.

Checking eligibility?

  • The Parent Declaration form should be completed by the parent with consent given for DAF.
  • A copy of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) letter should be scanned and uploaded to the child record in the EY Hub. 

What is it used for?

The funds could be used, for example, to support providers in making reasonable adjustments to their settings and/or helping with building capacity, be that for the child in question or for the benefit of children attending the setting as a whole.

*It would be best practice for settings to maintain a record of the area of support provided to any children receiving DAF funding.

When will we receive the funding?

DAF payments will be made to providers as soon as possible when the child starts to access their entitlement. So, for example, if a child turns 3 in the summer term, they will be able to take up their entitlement in the autumn term and the local authority will issue the first DAF payment as quickly as possible in that term. Where children are still eligible for the DAF, providers will receive a second payment one year later; that is, one year after they first received the DAF.  If a child receiving DAF moves from one setting to another, the new setting is not eligible to receive DAF funding for this child until the anniversary of the first payment has passed.

The child attends more than 1 setting

Where a child is accessing funded hours across 2 or more providers, the parent should nominate on the Parent Declaration form which provider is to receive the DAF funding.

Do we need to recheck the details at any time?

The provider should ensure that the DLA is still current and valid before the DAF can be paid for the second year. 

What if a child changes providers?

Where a child changes providers there is no requirement for the original provider to transfer the DAF payment to the new provider. DAF funding received by the original setting will not be recouped.



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