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Relevant Children

1. Are you a Care Leaver? 2. Eligible Children 3. Relevant Children
4. Qualifying Children 5. Former Relevant 6. Homeless Young Person
7. Former UASC (Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Child)

3. Are you a Relevant Child?

Relevant Children are young people who:

  • Left care on or after their 16th birthday;
  • Have been in care from the age of 14 for at least 13 weeks (this does not need to be continuous);
  • Aged 16 or 17 years

This means that at one point you were a looked after child for a period of time, but are not looked after anymore.


If you leave care at 16, where do you go?

Young people who leave to live back at home

Living back at home means that there is a plan for you to move back to your parents, someone with parental responsibility, or someone who has a child arrangement order in place before you went into care.

You will continue to be a relevant child until you have been back home for 6 months.  After 6 months, you will no longer be called a Relevant child but become a "Qualifying Child".  If living at home doesn’t work out, then you will become a Relevant child again.

Young people in the Youth Justice System

If you were detained in a secure children's home, secure training centre or a Young Offender Institution and before that had been a looked after child who was voluntarily accommodated or on secure remand then you will also be classed as a "Relevant Child".

Young people in hospital

If you were in hospital on your 16th birthday but before then had been a looked after child then you will also be classed as a "Relevant Child".


Children's Services MUST support you by:

  • Listening to your wishes and feelings;
  • Appointing you a personal advisor (PA); in Lincolnshire, this is known as a Leaving Care Worker;
  • Making an assessment of your needs;
  • Preparing a care plan and a Pathway Plan;
  • Reviewing your Care Plan and Pathway Plan;
  • Finding you somewhere suitable to live;
  • Paying for your accommodation;
  • Paying for your subsistence (food and drink);
  • Visiting you regularly 

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