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Care to Learn

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2. Care to Learn - Support Whilst Studying

Your Eligibility

You are eligible to the Care to Learn scheme if:

  • you are under the age of 20 when your course starts
  • you are the main carer for your child
  • your course qualifies
  • your childcare provider qualifies

Unfortunately you are not eligible for Care to Learn if:

  • you are doing a higher education course at university
  • you are doing an apprenticeship and get a salary

What courses are eligible?

You will qualify is your course is a publicly-funded course and is taught at a:

  • school
  • sixth-forms in schools
  • sixth -form in college 
  • other colleges and learning providers- also includes Foundation Learning
  • community at your Children's Centres

If you are unsure, your learning provider will be able to you if your course is eligible.

What childcare providers are eligible?

Your childcare provider must be registered with Ofsted and they can be a:

  • preschool group
  • childminder
  • day nursery
  • out of school club

How to Claim

To make a cliam you can apply online. How you apply depends on if:

When applying, you must have already chosen your learning provider and childcare provider.

If you apply before your course starts or within 28 days of starting your course, your childcare provider will get paid from the begginning of your course. If you apply after that, then your childcare provider will only be paid from the beginning week that your applicatin was recieved.

You need to make a new application for each year you claim. 

After you have Applied

Once you have applied you must provide your learning provider with either:

  • a copy of your child's birth cirtificate or
  • a letter confirming receipt of Child Benefit for that child

Once you have supplied this to your childcare provider then they will be paid.

What happens if I qualify?

If you qualify you will recieve a letter and a payment plan which will tell you what finacioal help you can get. Your childcare provider will also recieve the payment paln. this will inform them when they get paid. 

What do I do if my circumstances change? 

If your circumstances change you must report these changes. This can include:

  • personal details
  • childcare provider
  • childcare fees
  • travel costs
  • hours of childcare
  • course, learning programme or learning provider
  • study hours (this does include private study or time to take exams)

Will Care to Learn affect my other benefits?

If you claim Care to Learn this will not affect your family's benefits or allowances.

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