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How Can I Help Myself Cope With Bullying

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4. Information on Support for Bullying  

3. Coping with Bullying

  • Firstly, tell someone!  Your friends, parents, boss or school all want to help you, but if they don’t know you're being bullied then they can't.
  • Never fight back.  Violence only causes more violence, and if you name call back then it will only spur the bully on.
  • Practise assertiveness.  This doesn’t mean being rude, it means building the confidence to speak for yourself and not be walked over.  If you struggle with this then try writing down what you want to say, practising it and then when you need to be assertive you'll know what you need to say.
  • If the bullying is online then remember, you're allowed to block the bully. Nothing bad will happen if you take away their platform. 

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Information on Support for Bullying
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